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In FGGA Soccer Schools we organize continuous recruitment for boys and girls in age categories (from the age of 4)

In our school, the level of groups is matched to the age and skills of the child. In addition, you can join the team in one of our 4 locations at any time of the season.

Where do we train?

- Bridgwater

- Exeter

- Cambridge

- Soon -->Bristol


Who is the Academy for?

Trainings are aimed at boys and girls from the age of 4, who want to develop their football skills. If you start the adventure with football, select the nearest locations and come to 2 free trials. However, if you train in a different club, you can still try your hand at our school.


How to join the Academy?

1. Call or write to us.

2. Come for 2 free trials in the location of your choice.

3. Join FGGA Soccer Schools for a long time - train and have fun with us!


Our Training program

Training at FGGA Soccer Schools is based on various models: Dutch and English.

Our goal is to teach offensive football, which can not exist without instilling the idea of team spirit and fair play. Classes are primarily intended to give the joy of playing because only through the fascination of the ball you can develop individual skills.

Group A - the youngest - 4-6 years
In this age category, the players have to, first of all, get to know the ball by means of general movement tasks. Training is most often carried out in the form of tapping exercises with football - games, and games. For now, it is too early for the players to learn tactics.

Tent goals are used in the classes - suitable for children of this age. The main skill developed during this stage of training is the game's motor skills.

Groups B1, B2 - 7-9 years, 10-11 years old
During the next stage of the career, the players continue to work on the development of coordination and motor skills. They learn how to deal on the pitch by playing on larger and larger playing fields. During it, they acquire general technical skills as well as improve mobility.

Group C - 12, 13 years 
Experts believe that children can learn the most from the ages of 10 to 12 years. During this period, the players quickly absorb the solutions they have been given. Then they are able to start learning more difficult technical elements, such as a dump truck. Individual training comes to the fore (playing 1 on 1). Basic tactical rules are also introduced.

Skills improved during training: technique, game mechanics, tactics.



Detailed information about the training schedule is available on our website (after choosing the right location) and at the location coordinator. Contact details for the person responsible in each locality, you can find in the locations tab.

If you have questions, please contact us - INFOLINE - tel. 07780498084 (8.00-18.00)

Falcon Academy

I would like to thank you for choosing Falcon Golden Goal Academy - Remember that in addition to training hard and systematic work you still need to firmly believe and dream, where, as we want to be the best, because the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams ...

Jaroslaw Kwella - FGGA Owner


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