We invite all people associated with our Academy, especially parents, to see our presentation in which we want to share our vision and mission with you for the future of FGGA. We included the most important information about the future of FGGA. We believe that the changes that will be introduced will benefit all of us, and especially our children, who are the most important in this. The changes will mainly affect the youngest year from U5 to U9, in older groups there will be no significant changes. To go with the times, experienced long-term work with children, we sorted out a few things and we will give them a uniform shape. From now on everyone will know what their child can count on and in what games he will participate. We are counting on the project to meet with your acceptance and understanding. One hundred percent changes will apply from May 2018, when the 2017/2018 league season ends. We are asking you to take a few minutes to watch the presentation and read its contents. In the presentation, not much has been said about the trainings themselves, when it comes to training, nothing will change here, only what we will reward the outstanding players and those who will present exemplary behavior Diploma for the player of the week. Diplomas will be awarded once a week which means that up to four players from a given training group will have the chance to receive a diploma within one month. We want our youngest players to enjoy training and tournaments to win prizes so that no one exerts pressure on them to come back from training or tournament with a smile on their faces - this is our main goal. 

See you at trainings and tournaments !!

Falcon Academy

I would like to thank you for choosing Falcon Golden Goal Academy - Remember that in addition to training hard and systematic work you still need to firmly believe and dream, where, as we want to be the best, because the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams ...

Jaroslaw Kwella - FGGA Owner


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„Falcon" - Golden Goal Academy”.

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