FGGA Coaches will participate in Real Madrid coaching internship. 

We are pleased to inform you that  three of our Coaches : Jaroslaw Kwella (FGGA Director & Head Coach) Krzysztof Byrszel (FGGA Sport Manager) and Grzegorz Mackiewicz (FGGA Project Manager) will take part in football internship in one of the best training academies in the world - Real Madrid, which will take place between 30.11 - 05.12 in Madrid.

Highly qualified and experienced coaches from the Real Madrid Academy (chosen by the academy's director) will present specialized training in the academy and individual training reflections. The whole training will take place inside the modern Academy of Real Madrid, so that our trainers will be able to take a look at the daily life of the students of the Academy.

During the practical part of the competition with the competitors of the Real Madrid Academy, our coaches will be able to directly observe the practical application of the training methodology used in the Academy. During the course we will have the opportunity to learn about the methods and training system used by Spanish professional clubs.

We realize that to be the best you need to constantly train, perfect, and take the best example, this trip is the best opportunity to raise your qualifications to the next level. This is just the beginning of training for our trainers, our goal is to be the best football academy in the region, to achieve our goal we must have strong coaching staff. Our trainers wish you good luck and we count on the knowledge that you will gain on the internship will result in FGGA training and not only !!

Falcon Academy

I would like to thank you for choosing Falcon Golden Goal Academy - Remember that in addition to training hard and systematic work you still need to firmly believe and dream, where, as we want to be the best, because the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams ...

Jaroslaw Kwella - FGGA Owner


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