Business Club

We would like to cordially invite all entrepreneurs from the UK and not only to participate in the newly created project "BUSINESS CLUB FGGA".

The aim of the project is to connect business and sports people locally and throughout the UK. We want people who trust us and already trust to help in the dreams of young athletes, but also for each other by combining interests and sharing their experience and knowledge in the field of running a business.

What will we deal with as an FGGA BUSINESS CLUB?

We will organize a business breakfast once every two months, to which we will invite people related to business in the UK but not only, they will also be people who are socially and culturally active both locally and globally in the whole UK.

One of the main goals will be to help establish new business contacts, to educate together in the field of business and in the field of personal development.

Each participant will have the opportunity to tell other participants about their business and what contacts they are looking for.

Meetings and participation in the project will be loose and above all casual, and everyone who wants will be able to participate in such meetings.

Meetings will take place on Sundays in the morning, in various interesting places in Somerset, where delicious breakfasts and snacks will be served. Each breakfast participant will pay a symbolic fee to cover the cost of food and refreshments.

If there is someone among your friends who in your assessment could also join us, we kindly ask you to invite that person on our behalf.

As part of the FGGA Business Club, we will also organize integration excursions, i.e. bonfires, paintball, kart racing, and other attractions.

Each person invited by us, after confirming their willingness to participate in our project, will receive information about the next meeting in advance about 3-4 weeks so that everyone can adjust their plans and that no one will be missing at our meeting.

We also invite you to familiarize yourself with our sponsorship offer for 2019.

Falcon Academy

I would like to thank you for choosing Falcon Golden Goal Academy - Remember that in addition to training hard and systematic work you still need to firmly believe and dream, where, as we want to be the best, because the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams ...

Jaroslaw Kwella - FGGA Owner


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„Falcon" - Golden Goal Academy”.

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